57ft Narrowboat for Sale , Built 2006

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  • 57ft Narrowboat for Sale, Built 2006

    A high quality and unique shell built in 2006 by Ledgard Bridge Boats.

  • 57ft Narrowboat for Sale, Built 2006

    No well deck results in extra cabin space and the full width of the boat in the bedroom means you can fit a king size bed. Escape hatch.

  • 57ft Narrowboat for Sale, Built 2006

    Semi traditional stern with large access to engine compartment. Two bollards for mooring. Forged swan neck, not bent tube. Safety rail behind swan neck / tiller.

  • 57ft Narrowboat for Sale, Built 2006

    Large hatch with folded steel doors. 5 x low profile UFO vents. 300W solar panel – during the summer months this produced more power than we could use. Pole and plank rack.

  • 57ft Narrowboat for Sale, Built 2006

    You enter the boat into the galley. Arched top window on either side. Sink and gas cooker.

  • 57ft Narrowboat for Sale, Built 2006

    View from the living area towards the galley and stairs. Solid fuel stove. Side hatch to the port side and large arched to window to starboard mean it's usually very light but windows are currently covered in newspaper.

  • 57ft Narrowboat for Sale, Built 2006

    View from bathroom to front bedroom. No well deck or door at the bow of the boat means the full width can be used and a king size bed fits. Porthole to each side. Water tank, fresh water pump and accumulator under bed.

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Staffordshire , West Midlands
Advert Created
28th Aug 2017

Description & Specification

Reluctantly for sale is The Exodus from the Game, our 57' narrow boat. We spent 10 very happy
years living aboard this boat but our growing family meant we had to concede defeat and move
back onto land. This boat served us very well but has sat more or less unused for the last year so
we're selling it to fund other adventures. We'll definitely be returning to the water again in the future
and will be looking for a boat in a similar style. We we happy living very simply on the boat so no
calorifer, or 240v hookup, fridge etc.

The shell itself is superb but it's fair to describe the fit out as amateur and not complete. Lots of little jobs left to do like trim the lining etc. We had unexpected arrival of twins shortly after moving onto the boat which stopped a lot of work that I never really got round to getting started again. Fit out could be tidied up and completed in current layout or
restarted from scratch in your own layout. The price reflects that some work will need doing in either

Contact me with any questions or for me details.

Boat Name:
The Exodus from the Game
Level of Completion:
Part Fitted
Semi Traditional
Bow Type:
Enclosed Bow
Boat Length:
Boat Width (ft):
6 10" 
Internal Head Room Ft/Ins:
6 4
Jun 2006
Ledgard Bridge
Boat Fitter :
Self fitout
Barrus Shire
Aug 2021
Galley Worksurfaces:
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