57 x 10ft Widebeam for Sale , Built To Order

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  • 57 x 10ft Widebeam for Sale, Built To Order
  • 57 x 10ft Widebeam for Sale, Built To Order
  • 57 x 10ft Widebeam for Sale, Built To Order
  • 57 x 10ft Widebeam for Sale, Built To Order
  • 57 x 10ft Widebeam for Sale, Built To Order
  • 57 x 10ft Widebeam for Sale, Built To Order
  • 57 x 10ft Widebeam for Sale, Built To Order
  • 57 x 10ft Widebeam for Sale, Built To Order
  • 57 x 10ft Widebeam for Sale, Built To Order
  • 57 x 10ft Widebeam for Sale, Built To Order
  • 57 x 10ft Widebeam for Sale, Built To Order
  • 57 x 10ft Widebeam for Sale, Built To Order
The New and Used Boat Co.
Name Of Contact
Glyn Forster
Reference No.
Telephone Number
01283 707357
Derbyshire , East Midlands
Advert Created
18th Jul 2016

Description & Specification

• Fully lined in oak or ash veneer with oak or ash hardwood trims.
• Fully windowed, with a mix of windows and port holes which are gold anodised in colour.
• Exterior paint work in one colour with coach lines (2 colour paint options available).
• 3 Bulkheads to your layout (choice of full, half or split).
• Sprayfoam insulated.
• 3 rubbing strakes (one full length).
• Glazed hardwood bow doors and all steel hardwood panelled stern doors.
• The boat comes fully ballasted (Customer to install trim ballast as needed when fitted).
• Hull is blacked – this is not suitable for salt/brackish water.

Steel specification
• Plating 10mm/6mm/5mm/5mm
• Water Tank Stainless steel 180 gallons (approx)
• Fuel Tank 55 gallons (approx) with recessed filler and drain off
• Style Cruiser
• Decks All self draining
• Weed Hatch Quick release
• Fender eyes Recessed
• Pole & Plank rack Fitted to roof
• Gas Locker Forward end, capacity 2 x 13kg bottles
Canaline 52, 4 cylinder 2200cc engine with twin 50A & 110A alternators, low noise Indirect
Injection. PRM 150 hydraulic gearbox. Deluxe engine control panel with tachometer, water
temperature, oil pressure, battery, Warning lights, voltage indicator, temperature gauge and oil
pressure gauge. RCD emission compliant. 3 year warranty.
Cables run behind the lining, with loops at six separate points along the boat. This cable terminates
at the distribution point.
12v tail in the saloon. Lighting tails in the saloon: 4 x wall lights leading to the cable duct in the
roof. Horn and headlight cables at the bow, ready to be connected. Coaxial cable in the saloon for
the TV. Cables for the water pump, shower pump, cooker ignition and toilet. Heavier cable leading
to the galley for the fridge.
Stainless steel water tank 180 gallons (approx). Diesel Tank 55 gallons (approx). Pressure tested.
4 Mushroom vents over appropriate rooms down the length of the boat and louvered vents in the
bow and stern doors.
Variety of windows  fitted to both sides with a choice  of 12" or 18" port  holes and a mix of 18"/36"I42" sized windows.
Lining and wood type
Oak or Ash faced plywood with matching hardwood trims with deep trim  at the bottom of the cabin lining at gunwhale height.
3 internal bulkheads as standard  (2 on 50'), not including the fore and aft. Positions of these as per customer choice. Extra bulkheads at £312.00
Choices to include:
A) Half  bulkhead (To gunwhale height)
B) Split bulkhead
C) Full bulkhead
Spray foam  throughout, down  to floorboard level.
Ballast/floor  boards
Broken concrete slabs with felt underlay; the floorboards are WBP grade  plywood.

Additions pack:
Fully operational 240v ring main with 6 double brass or chrome sockets, galvanic isolator and AC breaker panel.
12v: All 12v tails are full length from the point of appliance to the 12v distribution panel at the aft end of the boat.  This panel is fed by 3 x110amp leisure batteries. 12v tails are included to a point in the saloon next to the 240v  point, in the bathroom and in the bedroom; Lighting tails in the saloon for 4 x wall lights and LED's fitted throughout switched to each indivdual room; Horn and headlight cables at the bow are connected.
Coaxial cable in the saloon  for the TV, cables for the water pump, shower  pump, shaver point, and toilet, heavier cable leading to the galley for the fridge.
Central Heating:  Diesel central  heating  with 3 radiators along  length  of the boat  and  1 towel rail.
Plumbing: Plumbing system in (with hot/cold tails ready to connect  to) with Calorifier, connected to diesel central heating and engine.
Inverter: 1800w Sterling inverter.

Also available:
Sailaway Basic from £35,625
Sailaway Lined from £44,417


**images are for illustrative purposes only**

Level of Completion:
Sailaway Lined Plus
Bow Type:
Boat Length:
Boat Width (ft):
Internal Head Room Ft/Ins:
7 0
Canaline 52
Chris Hill formed the company in 2000, after a decade of experience in the boat-building industry. His aim was to provide high quality yet affordable vessels that were suitable for newcomers and those with long experience of the waterways alike.

It’s a ‘one-stop shop’ concept that means we offer something for everyone, whatever type of boat you are looking for and whatever your budget. Over the years we’ve expanded and refined the range of new boats and now offer a fantastic choice of narrowboats, wide beam boats and Dutch Barges in both new and used boat options. We have conveniently located marinas at Droitwich and Willington, where you can spend time on board deciding upon the right boat for you, with the assistance of our friendly and knowledgeable staff. And when you buy a new boat from us we provide a comprehensive handover and a fantastic after-sales service backed up by experienced engineers.

What makes The New & Used Boat Co unique is the emphasis on tailoring everything – from the boats themselves to the financial arrangements – around the needs of the customer. Whether you are buying a holiday boat or looking for a floating home, you’ll find every requirement catered for.
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